Don’t let weed management tools pass you by. Join Take Action for Inside Weed Management, a webinar series hosted by Take Action, providing helpful tools to help you manage herbicide resistance on your farm. This year, join weed scientists from land-grant universities across the country as they share information about harvest weed seed control, the value of residuals and metabolic herbicide resistance.

Recordings of Past Webinars:

Why Care About Metabolic Herbicide Resistance? – Original broadcast date: 1/13/2022

Value of Residuals in Herbicide-Resistant Weed Problems – Original broadcast date: 1/20/2022

Harvest Weed Seed Control Practices – Original broadcast date: 1/27/2022

Additional Take Action Inside Weed Management Content:

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Resistance to Group 15 Herbicides

Planting Soybean “Green”

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Residual Herbicide Use in Soybean